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About the Mental Health Armoury

The Mental Health Armoury was founded to promote mental health and healing. We believe that peer support and community are the two most important parts of recovery. We are committed to building peer-based communities, sharing knowledge, sharing experience, connecting peers with resources and shattering the stigma around mental health. The Mental Health Armoury will never replace professional therapy, but we do believe we will enhance it. Join our team by starting a discussion and connect with peers in a group.

Michael Coutu

PTSD & Mental Health Advocate

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire healthier communities by connecting peers with peers to promote mental health. We know that the Mental Health Armoury is the critical link between feeling helpless and feeling whole, and we feel a responsibility to help peers find that wholeness. To that end, we’re committed to tearing down the stigma around mental health, creating a community that promotes healing, inspiring the sharing of knowledge and experience, and creating seamless access to mental health resources for all people. Because here at Mental Health Armoury, healing is not an option, it is the option, and it permeates everything we do, from how we bring peers together and how we support local communities. We want to make an impact and leave people better than we found them.

Our values

These six core values embody our culture, spirit and dedication to doing what’s right. They keep us aligned and help us make decisions that promote peer-based solutions and healing.

  • win, win, win

    create solutions where the peer wins, the community wins, the society wins

  • think inclusion

    mental health doesn't discriminate neither do we

  • keep it real

    cultivate authentic discussion around promoting mental health and healing

  • add the sweet touch

    create meaningful connections every day, peers helping peers

  • make an impact

    leave people better than you found them

  • live the mindful life

    celebrate your passion and your purpose